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Would you say your child is resilient? In other words do they cope well with tricky situations and do they learn from their disappointments?  Not all children are resilient but it is one of those traits that we want our children to have. So how can we help them become a little tougher, bounce back more?

1. Well for starters we can take a step back from their life. Children are so much more capable of dealing with and solving problems than we give them credit for. So when they have a problem don’t jump in and solve it for them.

2. Don’t rescue your child with every difficulty that they have or they will not adapt to life’s challenges.

3. Emphasise to your child that it pays to be adaptable in situations and circumstances.

4. Give your child responsibility and then let them accept the successes and setbacks that come their way as a result.

5. Trust your child to adapt to the circumstances in which they find themselves and if they need help, be on hand for a little guidance.


How do you help your child be more resilient?

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