Close Baby Carrier
Created: 2 year(s) ago
I bought the Close Baby Carrier when Baby Girl was about 6 weeks old as we were going away on holiday and I didn’t fancy dragging the huge travel system everywhere with me. This really was a godsend and quickly became part of my everyday routine. It was fantastic for a day at the beach watching Daddy and Big Brother flying their kites,or a day trip to museums where pushchairs just got in the way.

The carrier is easy to put on and take off,you don’t need anyone to help you with putting baby into it and what’s more it all folds up into itself,rather like a “pack-a-mac”.

Baby feels really “close”and snug –Baby Girl used to fall asleep within minutes of being in the carrier. It was so comfortable I could use it around the house whilst doing “chores”to keep baby close to me.

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